5 Ways How Attracting An Investor

Talk about investor is so interesting. Because, all we talk is about money and money. Yes! Money that invested for a business. Nowadays, we know that many kind of business appear because of the world still develop and a lot of request from the customers. So, we need to know what kind of investor that will be help us in our business? As a interpreneur we must selective in choosing investor.

Investor is someone who invested their money in a business, even the business is not going yet. Here is 2 types of investors, the first type is Amateur Investor. This kind of investor usually only think about profit in a short way. Usually, they ask how much they will get if they invested their money on your business. The second is Pro Investor, this Business hand pick the right dollar sign on blue background

kind of investor usually we called as The Proffesional Investor, they know about business they also studied about how the business work. They also have a plan for money that already invested in our business. They ready to get a profit and also they ready if worst thuing happen in our business.


Investors usually have several options, but need to know the rules of the game in the countries they are considering, before deciding on the best location. Most important is finding out how to create a company or buy an existing one, how to obtain a business licence, the costs involved, the forms required and the names of the persons to contact. Not to mention the name of the person to complain to if they need to do so.

In some cases, investors spend so much time and money collecting this information
that when they finally identify a location they are put off at the thought of future
dealings with the country’s bureaucracy.
There is a robust relationship between the Global Opportunity Index and foreign direct investment. The higher the score, the greater the inflows. The index can explain more than 57 percent of the variation in FDI per capita across advanced, emerging, and frontier nations.
Based on this estimated relationship, each one-unit increase in the index is associated with a 42 percent increase in FDI per capita.11 Appendix 2 shows the relationship of the individual components and FDI per capita. All are positive, indicating the role that better practices play in drawing overseas capital. However, Quality of Regulations has the strongest explanatory power among institutional components.

Here is 5 ways to looking a good investor for your business:

1. Show market prespective
Before we discuss, you must make a business planning for make you more easy when you talk to your invetor’s candidate. Make sure that your business is good and the citizen need your business and also you have a market target. That’s all are important for a business.

2.Expalain your management track record
Talk about management, we must have a great management system so investor’s candidate believe in our business and they want to invested their money on our business.

3.Tell them about the worst things
In business, the worst things always exist. Looking for an investor is not always talk about profit but, we should tell about the worst thing that might be happen in our business. The aim is all of the people can manage can aticipation and minimalization about that worst things.

As an owner or enterpreneur, you should give the tips and tricks how to deal with your market. With that way you could make a differences about types of the trade. You must make your own trade different with each others. It will be unique, and it can make a difference, and that differences can make a lot of profit

5.Tell about Risk and Reward Relationship
As an owner, we must tell to the investor all of the risk that might be happen in the business and also tell about the reward they will get if this trade going right. So in this point, owner and the investor can make a strategic business and can anticipation to the risk that might be happen.

We also must give reward for the people who can make a new inovation and make a solution when our business in the danger situation. With this selection, all of the risk that might be happen handled well and the people who handled it well will get a reward for their good work.

These are 5 ways to looking a good investor, actually there are a lot of other ways how to pick up the investor but now you know that we have 2 kinds of investor the first is Amateur Investor and the second is Proffesional Investor. I suggested you to looking for the proffesional one so you can work as good as you can and also get a lot of profit.

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