How To Develop A Conventional Business In Digital Era

In the business world, there are two kinds of business that usually operated by people. There are Conventional Business and Networking. Networking usually named as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business. Multi Level Marketing is a business that operated or managed by a lot of people. The profit is more good than conventional business it happening in Indonesia since 2000. A lot of company that used this system because in that business there are a lot of profit that can get especially the easy-to-do marketing and use human as an advertising and marketing.

Open a shop or market is one of the example of conventional business. Conventional business is offering a stuffs to he consumer and the consumer only consumer. It is not the same with multi level marketing which is the seller sell a stuffs and the consumer buy the stuff and then the consumer can sell that stuff again with the same price. In conventional business, if the seller sick and they can’t sell their product, they will not get any income. The companies that are able to survive in the new era are the companies who are able to find creative solutions to improve logistics and distribution capabilities. Every business that deal with moving a product from one place to another have to deal with the challenges in the form of logistics and distribution. No matter the company is engaged in trading of conventional or   .

In this digital era, the perpetrators marketing must equip themselves with knowledge and skills about the world of digital marketing or online business. The Internet is one media marketing or distribution of a very large market share diverse. This leads to the presence of a lot of opportunities and challenges that will be faced by perpetrators who want to successfully implement marketing program marketing in the digital age. Although conventional marketing is still great importance, it would be more effective if added to or furnished with the application of digital marketing to increase market reach. Digital marketing is a way of marketing a product or brand by utilizing various digital media such as television, radio and internet. Many parpetrators conventional marketing or companies that switched or started to implement internet marketing strategies.

Basically, the concept of digital marketing with the internet media focused on the development of an online marketing strategy that consists of content marketing, social media and search engine marketing strategy. Various benefits can be obtained when successfully implementing digital marketing strategies including increased sales, or sales, reaching a wider target market and create a digital branding budgets more cost efficient.
Conventional business that requires the buyer should be face to face with the seller seems to interest decreases. Consumers have many choices just by opening the computer screen or mobile phone, for lack of time to shop directly, or look for a cheaper price. Spek goods, questions about the product, very easy to find on the internet, so you are looking to stay a price comparison. Businesses are required to be able to adapt to such changes, if not, then get ready for our business will be ruined. We are required to be sensitive to our market share, what they want, we must be willing to meet.

Transportation based online be an option because they are able to utilize existing technology in such a way. Utilization of this technology can apparently reduce operating costs. As a result of the charge becomes cheaper, so many turning on them. Conventional transport is also already aware of them. Evidently, some taxi companies already are preparing their applications. Unfortunately, the company also has other rules that do not support each other, eventually there be counterproductive. This is clear evidence that the business dynamics that are dynamic, always changing. Employers are required to constantly upgrade the skills, knowledge, strategies and mentally in order to continue to compete.

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